28 Jun


A leaf

Dried, brown and cracked

Drifting upon the wind

Away from the place I’ve known

The place of my birth

The twisting causeways of a tropical existence

Into a cold, harsh land

An alien realm entombed with pale and colourful monikers

Some dry and frail, twirling in a like gale

Others vibrant, vengeful, ruthlessly driving the torrent

With every twist and turn I find my way

Through the currents that guide me

To the place of their choosing

Herding me into servitude with their appealing lures,

Their misguided tows

Where they say I should be for soulless bliss

But I control my destiny

I will not be enslaved

Beginning the journey…warm, balmy…promise

Owned by another

But the end belongs to me, it is of my choosing

I drift on the wind

I love this wind

The wind that carries this dusty, leaf

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Posted by on June 28, 2012 in Poetry


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