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Life is beautiful

If you close your eyes

To the plight of the innocent,

The persecuted and exploited,

The downtrodden and abused

The wayward passing of

Society’s forgotten

And misused peoples.



Life is good

If you turn your head

And don’t see the war-torn streets,

Littered with rubble and death,

If you don’t witness the bombs fall

And the bodies shatter.

Hear the infants’ screams

The dying cries,

And the mothers’ wails


Life is sweet

As you drive past

The homeless and the needy

Begging for preservation

With the lackluster look in their eyes

As they sit on the sidelines

Of a game they cannot win


Life is grand

As you fly

Over the shanties and hovels

Of the beautiful country,

With its rich resorts

Pristine beaches

And friendly people


Life is great…

When you don’t care.

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