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Just one within a multitude,

Floating upon titanic waves

That hinder prosperity.

The once gentle winds

Have become malignant,

Battering rigging with abhorrence.


Scavengers ride the torrents,

Awaiting demise

To feast upon misfortune

Just beyond reach…

Salvation looms

The uncaring shores of avaricious refuge.

But the sweeps are relentless

They chastise hope…

Whilst all around

Nonchalance plies…

And egress into calmer waters

Creating monolithic breakers in their wake

To hurl against impoverished balsas

And block escape from destitution.

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The shroud lowers,

Obscuring sight,

Fogging thought

And bending minds.

The misty curtain of words

Spoken behind the obsidian mask,

Feeding the masses

And mass hysteria.

The beacon of free will evaporates,

And in the moment of persuasion,

Madness reigns.

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Storm winds blow

Gusting, curling, corroding

Bringing about an end

To the tranquility of day

Propelling dark turmoil

With a ghastly vengeance

Feel it shudder

Concrete abutments and fortresses

Undoing fortitude

And rendering a resounding din

A buffeting, swirling gale

Heralding an era

Of renewed conflict

Castigating peace

Until chaos is all that remains

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