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Just one within a multitude,

Floating upon titanic waves

That hinder prosperity.

The once gentle winds

Have become malignant,

Battering rigging with abhorrence.


Scavengers ride the torrents,

Awaiting demise

To feast upon misfortune

Just beyond reach…

Salvation looms

The uncaring shores of avaricious refuge.

But the sweeps are relentless

They chastise hope…

Whilst all around

Nonchalance plies…

And egress into calmer waters

Creating monolithic breakers in their wake

To hurl against impoverished balsas

And block escape from destitution.

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The shroud lowers,

Obscuring sight,

Fogging thought

And bending minds.

The misty curtain of words

Spoken behind the obsidian mask,

Feeding the masses

And mass hysteria.

The beacon of free will evaporates,

And in the moment of persuasion,

Madness reigns.

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Storm winds blow

Gusting, curling, corroding

Bringing about an end

To the tranquility of day

Propelling dark turmoil

With a ghastly vengeance

Feel it shudder

Concrete abutments and fortresses

Undoing fortitude

And rendering a resounding din

A buffeting, swirling gale

Heralding an era

Of renewed conflict

Castigating peace

Until chaos is all that remains

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Is rich men profiting,

And poor men dying.

The bereaved father

Holding the lifeless body of his child;

Blood and brains crusting on his garments

Until he too suffers the same fate.

Mothers ushering children

Into bombed-out tenements

To huddle beneath tables,

And pray to be spared again.

Unwashed urchins

Carrying begging bowls

Pried from the grips

Of dead parents.

Tear streaks forming rivulets

On their grime-covered faces.

Swollen corpses

Half-buried in mire

Bursting beneath armoured tracks.

Nervous wives

Opening doors

To military couriers

Carrying envelops.

Broken spirits, broken bodies,

…broken homes

Hear the drums beat again,

Led by the greedy,

Fueled by the media,

Supported by the ignorant,

Nary a care

 …for the innocent.

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Darkness converges,

Taunting with flagrant memories.

Harsh reminders of a time long gone,

Of ambient words that smothered aspiration

Consecrated self-loathing.


Poisonous tirades that ensured a life of wanting,

Consumed with bereft portend;

And yearnings without reprieve.

The savage longing for vengeance of an unhinged complex,

Fueled by ire and regret.

Awakening to nightmares dancing in antipathy

…deranged laughter and hurled corruption,

Holding onto gossamer sanity

While Cimmerian shades roil.

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Life is beautiful

If you close your eyes

To the plight of the innocent,

The persecuted and exploited,

The downtrodden and abused

The wayward passing of

Society’s forgotten

And misused peoples.



Life is good

If you turn your head

And don’t see the war-torn streets,

Littered with rubble and death,

If you don’t witness the bombs fall

And the bodies shatter.

Hear the infants’ screams

The dying cries,

And the mothers’ wails


Life is sweet

As you drive past

The homeless and the needy

Begging for preservation

With the lackluster look in their eyes

As they sit on the sidelines

Of a game they cannot win


Life is grand

As you fly

Over the shanties and hovels

Of the beautiful country,

With its rich resorts

Pristine beaches

And friendly people


Life is great…

When you don’t care.

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The first time I saw you,

Was like a rainbow

Exploding into a thunderclap.

Compelling my attention with fascination and wonder.

My eyes were drawn to your magistery.

Your unerring radiance,

Casts the shadows from isolated recesses of my core.

Transfixed by improbability,

But coerced

To believe in the unfathomable lure.

An imperfect being,

Gazing in awe upon perfection.

Like scree from the walls of Jericho,

My misgivings lay asunder,

My will…shattered.

Helplessly I drifted upon a sea of your fragrant aura.

Your undiluted beautiful,

A beacon to guide my passage,

End my voyage.

Upon your luxuriant shores,

I remain,

Locked in bliss.

To end my days in Arcadia,

And wander no more.

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